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2020 Partners Page


Welcome to the 2020 club


The vision of the 2020 club is “Sowing Music & The Word” into our sphere of influence. We do this by providing FREE Music Cd’s & Teaching Videos to help meet Spiritual and emotional needs of those in need of hope and encouragement.


Our members of the 2020 club help raise funds to for pay for duplication of Music & Videos to distribute to the public for FREE. Our Goal is to have 20 club members Sows 10 Cd’s a piece each month to someone new that’s in need of encouragement.

Cost break down: $25.00 = 10 music CD’s or Teaching Videos duplicated to be distributed.


If you would like to give to “Sowing Music & The Word” in our 2020 Club please go to the store sow your $25.00 seed today!

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